Saturday, 7 November 2009

my firework friend

I was down at the Fireworks last night, and I met ALAN.
He's a Firework Technician! (Coolest. Job. Ever!)
He said
"Hiii I'm Alan and I'm 43. I'm a Firework Technician."
I said,
"I'm Neil. I'm a plumber by day and a stripper by night,"

Our conversation went something like this:
Me: So how long have you been a Firework Technician?
Alan: I been in the business TWELVE YEARS. I know which ones pop and which ones fizz. I know which colours work well together and all. Yeh. I know em better than anyone.
Me: I like your jacket
Alan: Yeah standard procedure it's my uniform.
Me: I tend to take my uniform off.

Then, we came up with the genius idea.
Alan would set off fireworks, and I would STRIP TO THEM!!! Woooooo!! Everytime it goes 'POP' I undo a button! Ohhh it'll be spectacular. Friday nights I'm firework strippin', then Saturday nights I'm at the club.

I hope my T-Shirt design won.
They might not pick me though. Probably cos I'm a Hunchback.

I have to go help Mrs Miggins with her pipes now,

love Neil x

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