Thursday, 29 October 2009


It's Thursday night, but I'm in popular demand, baby.

So today I went to go see my Mum and have a cup of tea at 2.00. She said to me "Neil, when are you going to get yourself settled down with a woman, eh?" and I sort of shrugged. I guess I don't wanna settle down just yet - I'm lovin' the single life with all the sexy ladies! That reminds me - I found a song called "Hey Sexy Ladies"! That is SO my song! It's by Shaggy - what a wonderful artist.

Tonight I'm going to the club, after getting ready. Yesterday I didn't go because Wednesday night is you know... nothing special. Nobody goes clubbing on a Wednesday night. It's because Thursday is gay night. Even though I don't really enjoy gay night that much, I still do it. Everyone has aspects of their work that they hate, right?

Mine are gay nights and Gary. And especially Gary on gay nights. He's not gay, but he is my rival. Don't get me wrong, gays are awesome, but yeah. I'm not gay. So I prefer it when the building is full of sexy ladies.

I'm gonna do some hoovering now. Maybe a bit of dusting too if I'm feeling wild.

Ooh and there was some plumbing emergencies today but I won't go into detail, it's not the FUNNEST stuff ever. *sigh* Sometimes having a double life is just sooooo hectic.
I think it's cos I'm a hunchback.

Love Neil x

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