Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Wednesdays are usually always the same..

9.00am - wake up to my alarm: Get Sexy by Sugababes! (faaave toon!) And rave for about 15 minutes to it. Over and over, of course.
9:20 - have breakfast. Usually Shreddies.
9.30 - get dressed: my spotted dressing gown is fluffy but not quite a la mode enough for a plumber.
10.00 - go to Aquacise. Unless I have an Emergency Plumbing Situation I have to attend to.
12.00 - get lunch at the Swimming Pool café.
12.45 - do some more plumbing on any clients.
3.00 - watch CBBC (Tracy Beaker FTW!!!)
4.00 - sit on my sofa and try and think of funny jokes/anecdotes to tell when I'm at the club.
5.00 - get changed into poledancing gear (sparkly top, leather my hunchback exercises. They don't really pay off.)
6.00 - go down the club and help set up
7.00 - ENTERTAIN... for the sexy ladies!! (and.. er... gay men.)
11.00 - go home, unless it's a reeeally busy night which it never really is on a Wednesday
12.00 Midnight - write my blog unless I'm too tired in which case I change into my stripey (or Wallace and Gromit... my heroes) pyjamas and go sleepybyes.

However, when I was at Aquacise today a rather, er, plump woman barged into me.
"Whoops" she said, sarcastically.
"Was that really an accident?" I said.
She snorted, looking at my highly attractive Speedos. She obviously doesn't realise how cool they are because she is not a sexy lady.

Or maybe because I am a hunchback she felt the need to ridicule me.
As long as she doesn't come down the club.

Love Neil x

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  1. HA HA you do this at 7pm, thats rather early lol xx Love you neil, u are my idol man !!